About the Anthology

The Swiss Anthology of Legal Culture is a collaborative project brought together with the intention to explore the influence Swiss Legal Culture and map some of the unique contributions that can trace their origins to Switzerland.

The section on International Law was edited by Thomas Cottier, Isabel Kölliker and Jack Williams from the Institute of European and International Economic Law, University of Bern.


The sections on the Americanization, Europeanization and Globalization were edited by Jens Drolshammer.

“See it fresh – see it whole – see it as it works” (Karl Llewellyn)

“America does not exist” (Peter Bichsel) – “…and to define America her athletic democracy“ (Walt Whitman)

“les suisses se lèvent tôt mais se réveillent tard” (Denis de Rougemont)

“The world – but I – I see you” (Remy Zaugg)

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