René Matteotti

René Matteotti

René Mattoetti has been a Professor of Swiss, European and International Tax Law at the University in Bern since 2007 and in Zurich since 2010. He obtained an M.A at the University of Basel in 1993 and graduated from law school at the University of Bern in 1997. He passed the bar exam of the Canton of Zurich in 1999, obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Bern in 2003 and obtained an LL.M in taxation at Northwestern University in Chicago in 2004. Since 2005 he was a lecturer of law in taxation. After 2006 he was called to a tenure-track-professorship for tax law and habilitated with a venia docendi for Swiss, European and international tax law. He became a full Professor for Swiss, European and International Tax Law in 2007.

Matteotti has been a member of governmental commissions on enterprise tax reform and consultative commissions on value-added tax. He is the president of the foundation Archiv für Schweizerische Abgaberecht and the editor in chief of the Zeitschrift für Archiv für Schweizerisches Abgaberecht, the leading academic journal for tax law in Switzerland. His present focuses in research are interpretation of tax law, international tax law, value-added tax law, comparative tax law and tax reform. Matteotti writes books, publishes scientific articles and organizes conferences and widely lectures.


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