Anna Tumarkin

Anna Tumarkin

Anna Tumarkin, born on 16 February 1872 in Dubrowna (Belarus), died on 7 August 1951 in Muri bei Bern, was a Jewish Philosopher originating from Russia. Initially, she was educated to be a teacher in Kischinew. In 1892, she settled in Berne to perfect her philosophical studies with Ludwig Stein, who was also Jewish. In 1895, she obtained her doctorate and went to Berlin to assist the lectures of Wilhelm Dilthey. In 1898, she was the very first female professor with regular habilitation thesis in Europe and with the full right to promotion of her best students. She also was the first female lecturer at the University of Berne and was nominated titular professor in 1906 and was an ordinary professor for Philosophy and Aesthetics between 1909 and 1943. She also participated in the women’s rights movement and presided a network of female academicians. In 1937, she was honoured with the Theodor Kocher-prize.

For a comprehensive overview over the methods of the author, please refer to:

Judith Jánoska: Die Methode der Anna Tumarkin, Professorin der Philosophie, in Bern, in: Der Eigensinn des Materials – Erkundungen sozialer Wirklichkeit, Festschrift für Claudia Honegger zum 60. Geburtstag, Frankfurt am Main: Stroemfeld, 2007, pp. 151-168.

Selected Works of the Author

The whole inheritance is located in the University Library of Berne.