Nedim Vogt

Nedim Peter Vogt

Nedim Peter Vogt was born in 1952. He studied law at the University of Zurich and obtained his doctorate in 1982. In 1983 he studied at Harvard Law School, where he obtained an LL.M degree. Vogt worked as a lawyer in New York for two years and returned to Switzerland in 1985. Following his return in 1985, he assumed a lectureship in law at the University of Zurich and from 1989 up to 2011 and was partner of the law firm Bär & Karrer.

Vogt is a member of the Association of the Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS), the International Association (IBA), the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), the International Association of Defence Counsel (IDAC), the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), and the Advisory Board of the Swiss Association of Trust Companies (SATC). He is the author, co-author and editor of numerous books and articles on trusts and inheritance law as well as on contracts and civil procedure. He is also the co-editor of a new series of commentaries on Swiss law, inter alia on the Swiss Code of Obligations (4th edition 2007), the Swiss Civil Code (3rd edition 2007) and the Swiss Private International Law (where he has written the chapter on Trusts, 2nd edition 2007 called the Basler Kommentar).

Selected publications: Unternehmen – Transaktion – Recht: Liber Amicorum für Rolf Watter zum 50. Geburtstag, Zürich 2008; Trusts und schweizerisches Recht (das Haager Trust-Übereinkommen und die neuen Art. 149a-e IPRG). In: 100 Jahre Schweizerisches ZGB, 80 Jahre Türkisches ZGB, Berlin 2008; English as the language of law? Zurich/ Basel/ Genf 2003 and the 2005 Swiss Law Bibliography, together with Jens Drolshammer, Disputes involving trusts, Basel 1999; Joint Ventures in Switzerland, Basel 1995.

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