Raymond R. Probst

Raymond Probst

Raymond Probst is former Ambassador of Switzerland to the United States and Secretary of State in the Swiss Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He completed primary school in Riga (Latvia), Gymnasium in Biel-Bienne (Switzerland), Doctorate in International Law, University of Berne. Highlights of his diplomatic career include: Attaché, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs(1942-1947); Second Secretary, Swiss Legation, Athens (1947-1952); First Secretary (economy), Swiss Embassy, Washington, D.C. (1952-1956); Assistant Legal Adviser, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1956–1957). Deputy Head, Political Affairs Directorate (1957-1966). roving Ambassador of the Swiss Government for Trade Negotiations (1967-1976). Swiss Ambassador to the United States of America, Washington, D.C. (1976-1980). Secretary of State, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1980-1984).

Since retirement his in 1984 he has held the positions: President, Swiss Foreign Relations Association; President, Swiss Institute for Art Research; Member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva; various appointments in the economy. 

(See the detailed and vivid description of Raymond Probst’s life by Ernesto A. Thalmann, Raymond Probst – ein Lebenslauf, ein Einblick in die schweizerische Aussenpolitik, Festschrift für Staatssekretär Raymond Probst, Zürich, 1984, p. 17 – p. 53). 


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