Biographies of authors

The biographies of authors are an important feature of Swiss legal culture, as represented in this primarily text based anthology. They are an essential and integral supplement to the texts.

The sources of the biographies are identified at the end of the text. Some of the biographies have been penned by the authors.

Georges Abi-Saab

Thomas Bernauer

Samantha Besson

Rudolf Bindschedler

Johann Caspar Bluntschli

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui

Lucius Caflisch

Thomas Cottier

Henry Dunant

Max Huber

Robert Kolb

 Emer De Vattel

Paul Guggenheim

Joseph Hornung

Antoine-Henri Jomini

Walter Kälin

Petros Mavroidis

Nicolas Michel

Hans Morgenthau 

Gustave Moynier

Jörg Paul Müller

Otfried Nippold

Anne Peters

Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Mark Pieth

Maya Hertig Randall

William Rappard

Georges Sauser-Hall

Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer

Dietrich Schindler

Daniel Thürer

Detlev Vagts

Luzius Wildhaber

Jean Ziegler