Samantha BessonSamantha Besson

Samantha Besson holds a law degree from the University of Fribourg (1996), an LLM in European and Comparative Law at the University of Oxford (1998), a doctorate in law from the University Fribourg (1999) and her habilitation from the University of Bern (2004).

Besson worked as an assistant at the University of Fribourg (1996-1997) carried out a research stay at the University of Oxford (Balliol College, 1997-1998) where she wrote her doctoral thesis and held an internship with the Court of justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg in 1999. She begun post-doctoral research in order to obtain her habilitation in 1999 and to this end, first travelled to New York where she was a Visiting Research Fellow at Columbia Law School before moving to the University of Oxford where she stayed from 2000 to 2004 as a “Senior Research Associate”. In October 2004, she returned to the University of Fribourg in order to become an Associate Research Professor in the Swiss National Science Foundation research project (Project for a European Philosophy of European Law).

Since 1 October 2005, Besson has been a Professor of Public International Law and European Law and Chair of Public International Law and European Law at the University of Fribourg. Since 2001, Besson has also taught as a lecturer, then as an invited Professor at Oxford University (2001-2004), Geneva (2002-2005), Zurich (2008-2010), Duke (2009), Lausanne (2010), Lisbon (2010-) and Harvard (2014 Jeremiah Smith , Jr. Visiting Professor of Law). She has also taught in various capacities at the Academy of International Law in The Hague (Coordinator Refresher Courses 2009-2013 practitioners and Director of Studies 2013).

At the University of Fribourg, Besson is a member of the Directorate of the Institute of European Law at the Universities of Fribourg, Bern and Neuchâtel; member of the Board of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Fribourg; representative of the Faculty law to the Board of Trustees of the University Institute Kurt Bösch in Sion; representative of the University of Freiburg on the Executive Board of the Swiss competence Centre for Human Rights; responsible for cooperation with the Institute of Advanced Studies Nantes and member of the Board of the Foundation Jean Nordmann for relations between the Universities of Freiburg and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also Chair of the Department of International and Business Law , one of the delegates to the international relations of the Faculty of Law, Head of Day early years of the Faculty of Law and member of the Commission on case hardness of the Faculty of law.

The Swiss academic, Besson is a member of the Swiss Section of the International Commission of Jurists , a member of the Council of the UN Academic Platform Switzerland, member of the European Communities Studies Association Switzerland, member of the Scientific Committee Master PLEP at the University of Berne, Member of the Scientific Council of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law and the Delegate rights of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. The international academic, Besson is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes. Finally, she is a member of many other associations as Swiss International Law Association, the Swiss Association of European law, the Swiss Lawyers Association, the Swiss Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy , the International Association of constitutional law, European Society of International law, the American Society of International law and the Swiss Association of Women lawyers.

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