Jean-François GroffJean-François Groff

Jean-François Groff (a Swiss) graduated from the French National Institute of Telecommunications. He came to CERN and joined the so-called World Wide Web team in 1991.

Besides Tom Berners-Lee, Jean-François Groff played a key role in the creation of the World Wide Web; he is one of the web’s pioneers. He contributed important work steps — together with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN — by defining the HTTP protocol and the HTML language. Guided by his vision of making technical innovations accessible to the public and simplifying these innovations, Jean-François Groff has created and supported numerous Internet-based services during his career.

Jean-François Groff is founder and currently CEO of the company «Mobino». It is a Swiss company that was incorporated in Geneva in 2011. Their mission is to create simple, safe and universally accessible payment systems, implemented for the 21st century.

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