The Association «LEGALANTHOLOGY.CH» and its project «The Anthology of Swiss Legal Culture»LEGALANTHOLOGY.CH

1. Initiators of the association

The initiators of the project «The Anthology of Swiss Legal Culture», Professor emeritus Dr. Thomas Cottier, LL.M., Fürsprecher, (World Trade Institute, University of Bern and University of Ottawa) and Professor emeritus Dr. Jens Drolshammer, MCL, attorney-at-law (University of St. Gallen, Berkman Center, Harvard University) founded the association «LEGALANTHOLOGY.CH» together with a small group of colleagues in October 2016.

As of Summer 2018 the following were members of the association, its board and general editor board: Professor Dr. Urs Gasser (Berkman Center, Harvard University); Professor emeritus Dr. Peter Nobel, attorney-at-law (University of St. Gallen and of University of Zurich); Professor Dr. Pascal Pichonnaz, LL.M. attorney-at-law (University of Fribourg); Professor emeritus Dr. Paul Richli (past president of the University of Luzern, chairman of the board of the association and of the general editor board); Professor Dr. Andreas Thier (University of Zurich), Professor emeritus Dr. Dr.h.c. Daniel Thürer, LL.M. (University of Zurich); Dr. Nedim Peter Vogt, LL.M., attorney-at law; Professor Dr. Franz Werro, LL.M. (University of Fribourg and Georgetown University); Werner Stocker, publishing advisor. Thomas Cottier, Jens Drolshammer and Pascal Pichonnaz are also acting as editors-in-chief.

Membership is open to all interested parties.

2. The parameters of the association

The association is a not for profit organization (scientific research and communications project) based in Zurich. Its aims are the exploration and presentation of the global dissemination and continuing internationalization of Swiss legal culture with particular emphasis on the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.
The association aims to promote interest in the influence and significance of the internationalization and globalization of Swiss law and Swiss legal culture by means of its online open source collection,, and a new series of English language publications. Furthermore, it aims to emphasize how Swiss law, Swiss legal process and Swiss legal culture meet longstanding challenges in an international context.

3. The authors

The following clusters of the project are already available on
– Public International Law, by Thomas Cottier, Isabel Koelliker and Jack Williams
– Globalization by Jens Droshammer
– Americanization, by Jens Drolshammer (book published Verlag Stämpfli AG, Bern, 2016)
– Europeanization, by Jens Drolshammer
– «Wirtschaftsrecht» in Switzerland, by Peter Nobel
– Information Law, by Rolf Weber (book published Verlag Stämpfli AG, Bern 2017)

The following clusters are planned:
– The Swiss Federal Tribunal in the World, by Heinz Aemisegger and Susanne Leuzinger
– Sports Law, by Michele Bernasconi
– International Criminal Law and Judicial Assistance, by Paolo Bernasconi
– Family Law, by Andrea Büchler
– International Arbitration, by Felix Dasser
– Intellectual Property Law, by Jacques de Werra
– The Internationalization of Swiss Legal Professions, by Dominique Dreyer and Michael Pfeifer
– Philosophy of Law, by Michael Hebeisen
– International Aspects of Swiss Contract Law and Historical Aspects, by Pascal Pichonnaz
– Constitutional Law seen from an International Perspective, by Daniel Thürer
– Public law, by Axel Tschentscher