ForewordInformation Law – Foreword

In 2016, the interesting and challenging project “The Anthology of Swiss Legal Culture” has realized the first print edition of a treated topic, namely on the “Americanization of the Swiss Legal Culture” (published by Jens Drolshammer), subsequent to the online publication of several parts of the project. In addition to the cross-border perspective (Americanization, Europeanization, Globalization), forthcoming books of the series will also treat substantive topics of Swiss law (for example international arbitration, commercial law, sports law, etc.). The present volume on “Information Law” is the second print publication in the project.

In comparison with other legal fields, information law is a quite young area since it substantially depends on the information technology and cannot be classified according to Roman law categories; in addition, the interdisciplinary perspective plays an important role. All over all, the roots of information law only go back some 50 years. However, in the meantime, information law has become a major field of interest as cross-over body of law. Modern notions also refer to Internet law or cyber law. The manifold developments make it worth-wile to have a separate publication covering this field of law with promising prospects for the future.

As “The Anthology of Swiss Law” in general, the book on “Information Law” is partly work in progress and partly a platform for forthcoming research. This book could not have been realized without the support of other persons. MLaw Dominic Oertly has been very valuable in collecting and choosing contributions that have finally been included in the volume. Prof. Jens Drolshammer and Prof. Paul Richli pushed the publication in various respects. Gianluca Trezzini handled the IT-side of the project as a whole and Stephan Grieb of Stämpfli Verlag has been helpful in making the publication possible. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of them. Remaining errors are of course my own; comments and thoughts are welcome to

Rolf H. Weber